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Shake the magic money tree Rishi!

Life must be pretty good for the British Chancellor right now.

The Treasury’s emergency packages of economic support, bounce back loans and a slick media adviser have helped Rishi Sunak become by far the most popular politician in Britain during the coronavirus.

The recent announcements of a £3 billion green package and an unexpected £1.5 billion lifeline for the UK arts sector are the latest spending promises that have seen the former Goldman Sachs banker win further praise from unlikely places.

His polling numbers are surging as a result of the spending – and rightfully so. The Treasury seems one of the few parts of this Government that so far seem up to the task at hand of combating the coronavirus.

But there are sections of the right wing establishment that have quickly joined the wave of admiration, and there lies the issue for some.

If any party other than the Conservatives proposed this, the right wing media would be screaming “how are we going to pay for it all?!”, banging on about Margaret Thatcher’s fiscal policy and making terrible communist jokes like they did in the time of Corbyn.

Many of those who widely condemned Labour’s spending plans in the 2019 General Election are now rather quiet about this endless stream of economic promises.

While the Labour spending plan was by no means financially sound, it’s just the latest instance of partisan politics in action.

At a time when interest rates have dropped and Government borrowing is staggeringly low, I’m all for the state doing what is necessary to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus and attempt to save millions of jobs, but the hypocrisy is rife with those on the right.



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