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Chris Grayling: Lack of intelligence

There are many Prime Minsters that have made decisions which are widely condemned by all side of the political spectrum, but Boris Johnson does it best.

Reports suggesting that Chris Grayling is to be appointed Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has drawn criticism from past and present Conservatives as well as the opposition

Most of the complaints stem from the fact that the 58-year-old is regarded by many as politically inept.

During his previous nine years as a government minister, including spells in three different Cabinet roles, the Epsom and Ewell MP became known by critics as “failing Grayling” due to a number of controversies at his various departments.

While it is technically those sitting on the intelligence committee who decide the chair, a source has previously told The Times that the Conservative MPs given seats have been instructed to vote for Grayling.

The former Transport Minister’s potential appointment is right to raise eyebrows. The ISC is one of the most highly regarded committees as its annual reports scrutiny the work of MI6, MI5 and GCHQ. It should not be led by another individual appointed purely for his loyalty to Johnson and de facto Prime Minister Dominic Cummings.

Grayling’s appointment is particularly significant as the approved members will be expected to publish a report into alleged Russian interference in the UK, compiled by their predecessors.

Critics have accused the government of sitting on the report for nine months. Despite being ready in October last year, Johnson refused to release it before the election even though many within his own party urged him to do so.

Conspiracy theorists claim that “failing Grayling’s” appointment is to ensure anything in the Russia report that could undermine Johnson should be redacted. The move is much more likely just the latest instance of Number 10’s attempts to gorge on as much of the political power in Westminster as possible.



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