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This is OBO. Our more informal, agenda-setting columns written by a variety of authors each day.

Tucker Carlson: agitator

Tucker Carlson’s critics often make the mistake of calling him an idiot. Regardless of political affiliation, many have commented on the Fox News host’s alleged intelligence, even his ex-employer The New Republic. Despite a recent number of controversies, Tucker Carlson Tonight recently became the “highest-rated” programme in American cable news history. Republicans, and allegedly white … Continue Reading Tucker Carlson: agitator

Netanyahu: crisis management

Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership has plunged into a crisis. A second wave of coronavirus in Israel has sparked mass anti-Netanyahu protests that have become about his corruption charges and annexation plans as much as the Israeli Government’s pandemic response. Protests against the Prime Minister in Tel Aviv and outside his residence in Jerusalem have grown almost … Continue Reading Netanyahu: crisis management

Union: breakaway

Many SNP figures have said that Brexit and the handling of the coronavirus pandemic has made the current Prime Minister is the best case for Scottish independence. With recent polling conducted by The Sunday Times showing that a Yes vote holds a 7% lead, polling guru Sir John Curtice has said: “This is the first … Continue Reading Union: breakaway

Russia report: meddling?

“Russian influence in the UK is the new normal.” Those are the opening words of a document sent out to the British press summarising the long awaited “Russia Report”. The delayed report from the Intelligence and Security Committee concluded ministers “had not seen or sought evidence of successful interference in UK democratic processes”. The committee, … Continue Reading Russia report: meddling?

TikTok: Huawei 2.0

Sino-British relations have plummeted. Huawei has been stripped of any significant role in Britain’s 5G network, the Government suspended extradition with Hong Kong and China’s ambassador to the UK denied reports of abuse of the Uighur population in the Xinjiang region. TikTok has become the latest issue that may deteriorate the relationship between Britain and China … Continue Reading TikTok: Huawei 2.0

Britain: Regions divided

Months ago, this pandemic was dubbed the “great leveller.” In truth, it’s anything but. Numerous reports have concluded that Covid will disproportionately hurt poorer communities, especially in the UK. The UK is one of the most regionally unequal countries in the developed world. The economic gap between different parts of the country has widened to … Continue Reading Britain: Regions divided

Huawei: Denied

It would appear that George Osbourne’s vision of a “golden decade” in Sino-British relations has prematurely ended. Britain has made its mind up on Huawei. Over fears of security, mobile providers are being banned from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December. They must also remove all the Chinese firm’s 5G kit from their … Continue Reading Huawei: Denied

Twitter: Extreme problem

Social media platforms are having a hard time. Facebook trying to deal with a mass advertising boycott amid civil rights concerns, YouTube has been running Joe Biden’s ads on neo-Nazi channels and Twitter is home to dozens of far-right groups. Twitter is the only one who has this far acted decisively. The social media giant … Continue Reading Twitter: Extreme problem

Coronavirus: Infodemic

Amid the global health meltdown brought on by the coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has something else on its mind: the infodemic. The term “infodemic” is fairly broad. It encapsulates everything from inaccurate information shared by your auntie to cyber attacks carried out by rogue states on hospitals’ critical information systems. The main concern … Continue Reading Coronavirus: Infodemic

G4S: Behind bars

The British Government has a serious outsourcing addiction. Westminster spends billions of pounds a year on services delivered by external suppliers plagued with controversies. The most high profile of this was the collapse of outsourcing giant Carilion, which resulted in the loss of 3,000 jobs and 450 public sector projects. The latest fuck up is … Continue Reading G4S: Behind bars

Joe Biden: Boring?

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump is not boring. His brash attitude and Twitter rants fuels his reality TV Presidency. The media cannot get enough of it. The blind faith of his supporters is well documented and adds to the press addiction to the 45th President. The Trump apostles proudly brandish their MAGA hats … Continue Reading Joe Biden: Boring?

Summer budget: Javid envy

One can only imagine how Sajid Javid felt yesterday watching Rishi Sunak, the man replaced him in his dream job as Chancellor, deliver a widely praised summer statement. Javid won’t be full of envy about the economic situation the Chancellor finds himself in, but rather his increasingly angelic public image. It would appear that right … Continue Reading Summer budget: Javid envy

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